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there is no reverse metamorphosis

Watch this movie Directed by Michel Pavlou Time, the incessant rotation of everything on itself and around others. When our orbits, at times, get aligned, we build memory, we gain duration. Morhed images, animated abstract textures and Natasha Heidsieck Mak’s text/voice compose the flow of the video It It brings into light the mutual – […]

Zabt Studio ۱۶ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۲ Iranian Film


Watch this movie Directed by Aylin Ebadi     Director Biography – Aylin Ebadi Aylin Ebadi is a filmmaker and film student.She started her career by studying literature and later extended her studies to psychology and cinema.“Echo” is her first experimental short low-budget film. Experimental, Student, Short Aylin EbadiDirector Aylin EbadiWriter Aylin EbadiProducer Omid DavoudvandiKey […]

Zabt Studio ۱۵ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۲ دسته‌بندی نشده


Director: Katia Sophia Ditzler A performative poetry film about what nobody will want to have seen. Childish paper dolls and tableaus, collage aesthetics juxtaposed with symbols of war, politics, and religion. Ideologies and opinions tried on as one would try on clothes. A poem hinting at the Leningrad siege. The colors of the suffragettes, Aileen […]

Zabt Studio ۱ آبان ۱۴۰۱ دسته‌بندی نشده

Introducing the director at the festival Nicci haynes ” about persian experimental

The Cost in an experiment, as much about process as anything else. The resemblance between a till roll and a film strip is what initiated the project. I first began to draw on blank till rolls and then tried ways to thermal print over printed shop receipts, which I did by laser etching and then, […]

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The full list of short films selected in the main competition section

The full list of short films selected in the main competition section is evaluated by the judging team in each evaluation. See full names below First round   I’m Feeling Suffocated Director Ali Kazemi in For Iran Submitters Iran, Islamic Republic of Radio cu cu Director Berio Molina in Experimental Short Film Spain Temporary Blindness Director Alan Armas de […]