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  1. Conditions for acceptance of works: Films that are the first films of filmmakers are given priority. Acceptable versions (: DCP, Apple ProRes 4444, Full HD file with English subtitles) Film production date: 2020-2023
  2. The application form to participate in the festival must be completed by the producer(s) or legal distributor of the film. Acceptance of the conditions contained in the regulations The executive team of the festival decides on all unforeseen events Participating in the festival means accepting all the rules of the festival. The maximum time of the videos is 30 minutes.
  3. Note: Registration and submission of works in the festival is only possible online.
  4. Films that reach the competition must have English subtitles. Films that do not meet the necessary technical standards will be removed from the competition at the discretion of the festival secretariat. After sending the films to the festival, it is not possible to remove them from
  5. the festival program. Completing the application form to participate in the festival means accepting all the rules. – Works commissioned by institutions and organizations, or from public and government sources, will be available for online display only if the agreement between the parties and the written consent of the owner or legal owners of the work is submitted.
  6. Films that make it to the competition section will receive a certificate of participation in the festival. Completing the application form to participate in the festival means accepting all the regulations.

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Festival Executive Group

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    Omid Mahdavi continued:
    "The most important point is that we should not wait until the conditions for making a film are provided." Because we do not necessarily need a lot of money to make a film, especially experimental. This means that this is not an excuse not to make films, because today the situation has changed and now it is possible to make films with mobile phones, especially portrait films.

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    Omid Mahdavi. Festival Director

    Cinema and Art enthusiast

Aims of the festival:
1. Strengthening the position of short film as an independent and thoughtful current in cinema
2. Identifying and introducing cinematic talents
3. Improving cinematic knowledge and skills
4. Strengthening the economic cycle of short film by creating domestic and foreign marketing fields
5. Expanding and attracting short film audiences

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The genre of music video can be seen as a commercialization of many techniques of experimental film. Title design and television advertising have also been influenced by experimental film. Many experimental filmmakers have also made feature films, and vice versa.