Zabt Studio ۲۰ خرداد ۱۴۰۲ Video Art


Directed by Pierre Ajavon


The future offers us a face to face between humanity and algorithms, the things that make us human beings like questioning, imagination, intuition or ethics in the face of zeros and ones.
Algorithms must be made useful by human interpretation before the universe becomes the ultimate computer…

In “Humarithms”, through our digital daily life, reminiscences, emotions and images arise from the past and blend into our vision of the future to the sound of an electronic composition on the Moog modular synthesizer.


Director Biography – Pierre Ajavon


Born in Paris on 1 May 1966 // lives & works in Paris – France
– Sound engineer (accredited training center Steinberg)
– Composer & Musician (member of SACEM and SACD)
– Master in Sociology
– Thesis : The psychedelic movement and its infuence on contemporary culture – Paris X-Nanterre
– License // Ethnomusicology and Sociology – Paris X-Nanterre
– Bi-Deug // Sociology – Psychology – Paris X-Nanterre