Zabt Studio ۸ خرداد ۱۴۰۲ Exprimental Film


Directed by Philipp Ramspeck

A film poem about the twisted memories of a prison inmate. Light-painting animation.



Director Biography – Philipp Ramspeck


Philipp Ramspeck was born in Austria in 1977 and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. He began making films at an early age and during high school he shot his first Super-8 opus and a system critical actionist video film called “I and the dinosaur”. He was accepted to the Filmakademie Vienna in 1999 and left disappointed after one year of film school.

During film school he visited the year round public lectures on film by Peter Kubelka at the Filmmuseum Vienna which had a grave influence on his further path. He returned to Zurich and began working odd jobs for over a decade. In this time he experimented with 16mm film and a Bolex camera and in 2007 he shot his first feature film “Kleiner Sonntag”. 2015 he finished his 16mm animation film “Metal Laser City” which took him 5 years to shoot. Since 2014 he is a full-time independent filmmaker.