Zabt Studio ۱۶ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۲ Video Art

Night blue

Directed by Tânia Moreira David, Paulo B. Menezes


Night Blue’ exhibits a dematerialization of the real image and its dissipation into the abstract digital image. The real body becomes a virtual one of colour and texture summoning the alternance between optical and haptic perception.
The video uses distinct mechanisms that fragment and transform the original character of the object; the sea metamorphoses itself into matter and colour acquiring a singularity that remits to white noise and gradually mirrors the nightfall’s deep dark blue evoking its spirituality in parity with the sensory appeal. Simultaneously, the mismatch of the movement in the distinct windows disrupts the natural flow of the waves granting it an element of dissonance, one that spreads the spectator’s attention appealing to the movement of body and look. This results in a harmonic, apparently random, composition of programed interferences.
The almost blurriness between the sea and the darkness of the night makes the piece an abyss of perception.

  • VI FESTIVAL VIDEO nodoCCS, Gallery ArterietKristiansand
    November 17, 2020
    European Premiere

Director Biography – Tânia Moreira David, Paulo B. Menezes


Tânia Moreira David is a portuguese filmmaker and architect. Studied architecture, fine arts, and holds a master’s degree in film project from Lisbon’s Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (2016).
After practicing architecture for more than a decade in Lisbon and London, starts working in 2010 as an independent filmmaker collaborating with architects, researchers, visual artists, dancers and musicians. Her projects investigate the relations between film, architecture and dance, and involve a sensorial approach to the experience of architectural space.
Tânia’s first project ‘La Petite Maison, an architectural seduction’ won the prize for best film at ‘InShadow’s Festival 2012’ and has participated in Film Festivals all over the world, from New York to Moscow. She co-directed the video installation ‘Phenomena’ as a result of an Art commission supported by Arts Council England.
The film ‘Casa, Corpo sem film – A house as and endless body’ and a personal interview about her artistic work were published at WomenCinemakers special edition 2018 – Independent women’s cinema online magazine. The film was also published at Architecture Player and at ESC.ALA 2017 – magazine in interart studies. It is part of Image ARCHIVE – View points on architecture.
In 2017 was commissioned to make a video installation ‘Imaginary map’ for the project ‘Topias Urbanas’, Cartography in motion by Joana Braga. A figuration of Marvila neighbourhood, its temporalities, and the way they are experienced today. Produced by Maria Matos Municipal Theatre. Presented by Create to Connect and supported by the European Union Cultural Program.
In 2019 Tânia was also commissioned to make two video installations, ‘Inhabitants’ and ‘Sisyphus’, which integrate the performative walks ‘Partituras para ir’ and ‘A cada passo, uma constelação’ by Joana Braga. The first is a performative journey through the center of Lisbon aiming to incite a recreation of the choreographies that grant us access to its less public places, to unveil what is yet to be seen and heard, and the latter carves a route within an ample and expectant territory – the eastern part of Lisbon – focusing on its experiential qualities. Co-produced by Artéria – Humanizing Architecture and Bairro Alto Theatre. Financed by Direcção-Geral das Artes. Presented within the context Imagine 2020. Supported by the program Creative Europe – European Union.