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Reptilian Freeze Reflex

Directed by Anna Hogg, Lindsey Arturo, Rachel Lane


Reptilian Freeze Reflex attempts to capture the embodied experience of the freeze reflex through the frenetic energy of a camera-less film made by scratching directly onto 16mm black leader. The film reflects upon the way we sometimes fail to relate to one another as individuals because of severe anxiety.


Director Biography – Anna Hogg, Linds

Anna Hogg is a teaching artist and filmmaker whose work addresses the relationship between memory and the body archive, the archive as body. These investigations extend to the collective feminine that gathers memory, its objects and stories, the archive as affected by trauma, and the intergenerational archive in contrast to that of the institution. Within these contexts, one finds that the act of remembering and forgetting, preserving and refusing—making into refuse—are often intimately connected, and the boundary that divides them more fluid


LNZ aka cloudface aka 2phones aka margaritaville39 aka peacedude aka youngyounghonda aka lazyArtu aka harvey aka accidentalpizza aka Lindsey Arturo, is an internet artist b. 1990. She explores the internet through an ever growing list of online handles/identities and videos. By blurring irl/url presence into hyperreall worlds, she questions and playfully critiques the internet & “tEcHNoloGy” as a seductively efficient disaster.

Rachel Lane is an artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her background in studio art, film production and teaching has provided her opportunities to connect and grow with others through creative communication. Rachel is passionate about creating content that she hopes will inspire positive growth and individual empowerment. Rachel’s most recent creative pursuits navigate play structures as springboards to recontextualize narratives and exercise creative expression.